India’s First ‘ Astro Resort’ near “Sariska Tiger Reserve”

India’s First ‘ Astro Resort’ near “Sariska Tiger Reserve”

While planning Our holiday to Sariska what was on our mind was just the ‘ Tigers’. As we had planned the holiday with an intention to visit the Sariska Tiger Reserve so that we could get lucky to encounter the Tigers living in the premises of Sariska Tiger Reserve which were 13 in number at that time and the year. But we got the most wonderful surprise when we got to know about the place our stay had been planned is a one of its kind. It was the Astroport India’s first Astro Resort.

The astronomy resort site which was barely 5km from Sariska National Park (200 km from  Delhi and 115 km from Jaipur), in one of the darkest regions of India far from city lights was sure a place to rejoice. With very little light pollution, you have the stunning night sky all to yourself. A trained educator helped us navigate the gazillion stars through telescopes, sky charts and other specialised equipment.Kids enjoyed gazing at the stars and the moon through the eye of a telescope. It was a thrilling experience as it was a first-hand experience for most of us. Sessions on astrophotography, telescope making, zodiac were also part of the experience. A bonfire along with some local dance and music was the icing on the cake to complete our night at this beautiful and unique place. During the day, we had signed up for rock climbing, bird watching,  camel safari and of course our visit to the Sariska Tiger Reserve.

Accommodation is in the form of Swiss tent cottages , with en suite bathrooms, or the more Spartan pitchable tents. The surroundings of the place are calm and beautiful. One must not miss the early morning walk in the resort campus and you will get to see many beautiful birds poaching around in the vegetation grown within the resort. One gets to eat these farm fresh organic vegetables grown here by the in house staff of  the Astroport resort.

Safari at Sariska

We had chosen the early morning safari to explore the Sariska Tiger Reserve. The experience of roaming around in an open gypsy  within the rserve was thrilling to the core. As our drive inside the boundary area of the reserve started so started the glimpses of some beautiful wild creatures like different kinds of  deers, Neelgai, peackocks which were in abundance and so beautiful. Our luck favoured us as we were lucky enough to have our first major encounter with a leopard. Who gave us stern glares as if challenging us to catch him while he crossed our road and climbed up the hill ahead of us. after going more deep inside the Tiger reserve it was time to wait for our bigger encounter with’ The Tiger’ . We were told by the forest guards on duty there that two of them are nearby ( As these guards have the locations of the tigers thru the tracking devices ). We had to wait for quite sometime before one of the tigers came down from behind the bushes. It was moving with such a grace and confidence at the same time. the face off with the tiger was thrilling and fulfilling at the same time. Though it did not like to stay for longer in front of us in our case but the short encounter with the Tiger was quite a memorable one.




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