Andaman- Nicobar

Andaman- Nicobar

Andaman- Nicobar is at the extreme end of India in the Bay of Bengal. When you reach Port Blair, you get a feeling that you are being welcomed by the blue carpet in the form of blue waves spread around and it really feels so enchanting. Andaman- Nicobar is famous around the world for its crystal clear and transparent waters. If you are a beach lover then Andaman- Nicobar is no less than a heaven for you. These islands are famous for its historical monuments other than for its beautiful beaches and water. In 1956 this group of islands was declared a union territory of India and since then the Indian tourists got a treasure of beautiful sceneries and beaches.


Havelock Island Asia’s Beautiful port

At Havelock Island, one can experience the beautiful coconut trees lined up and fluttering in warm air n kids enjoying the swings around them. The sea also seems to be so fascinated by the beauty and view around. One can experience such mesmerizing beauty at ‘Radha Nagar Beach’ on Havelock Island. This beach is named as one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia.

One can sit under the shade of coconut trees or the bamboo tents and enjoy the beautiful sunrise early in the morning and witness the beauty of waves rising and falling in the morning sun.

Ross Island:

Ross Island is an island of the Andaman Islands. It is situated 3km east from downtown Port Blair. It Used to be the capital during the British era. This island used to be an epitome of luxurious life during those times. The island is kept safe under ‘Wild life conservation’. You can find deer,  peacocks, rabbits, Neelgai and unlimited species of birds roaming around with you on the island.In the evening at 4 pm, there is a light and sound show on the island. One has to book in advance for this.

Things to Do in Andaman-

Scuba Diving does not require you to know swimming. It is one of the important and thrilling experience one can have while in Andamans. Shining corals spread around and the colored fishes take us into a beautiful and another world under the water. You can see thousands of species of fish, sea turtles, water plantation and beautiful corals at 11 to 12 feet under the sea level.

Parasailing At Havelock Island 

Parasailing is a blend of water and air borne adventure.  Tied behind a motorboat while harnessed in a parachute, you get to fly like a kite behind the boat as speeds off into the sea. It is undoubtedly one of the most thrilling experiences.

Travelling on a Sea Plane 

Taking off in a sea plane run by Pawan Hans is one of the exclusive things to do in Andaman. You can experience this unique ride while going to and fro to Havelock from Port Blair. The sea planes can carry 9 passengers at a time and the time of flight is 15 minutes.

Trying the Glass Bottom Boat ride

The Glass Bottom boat is for those who are really afraid of water. This is an easy ride and gives you a good view of the corals beneath with proper safety gear, this one is good for kids as well.You get to see the marine life through a glass bottom in the boat as you sail through the sea.

Bird Watching at Chidiya Tapu

Another popular activity to do in Andamans is bird watching for the nature lovers. Chidiya Tapu, the tiny island village is 25 Km from Port Blair. You will come across many birds species on the island like – parakeets, emerald doves, sea eagles, and much more.

Island Hopping 

Any trip to the Andamans is incomplete without island hopping. Take ferries from one island to another and enjoy the sunrises and sunsets. Visit the popular islands like Neil Island, Havelock Island, Viper Island and North Bay Island.


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