Nainital is one of the beautiful places in North India that attracts tourists from all parts of the country. Nestled among the Kumaon hills, Nainital is one exquisite tourist destination. This hill station was one of the earliest British settlements and is set around the beautiful Nainital lake. This place has a pleasant weather which attracts tourists from all over the country and abroad.

One can bet on Nainital for a wonderful and memorable holiday if one is looking for a relaxing getaway to enjoy the Nature and the beautiful lakes around this place even more beautiful and worth enjoying. there are many places to be visited in Nainital which are unique in their own way and quite popular among the tourists visiting this place.

The Nainital Lake is one of the most spectacular places in the country as it gives a beautiful view of lush green hills on all sides of Nainital. The landscapes here can take your breath away hence the place is rightfully called the ” Queen of Lakes”. There are some wonderful places for the day excursion at this small district in Uttaranchal.

Some of the best places to visit in Nainital:

The Nainital Lake

This is one of the most beautiful lakes in the country and is known for its exquisite beauty. It’s one of the four lakes of Kumaon hills which includes the Sattal lake, Bhimtal lake, Naukuchiyatal lake beside the Nainital lake.  The famous lake has been mentioned by many prominent writers in their work. There is Naina Devi temple situated on this lake which has a religious importance.

One has to try the famous boat ride in order to complete your trip to this beautiful place. Boating will give you a picturesque view of the lake and you can click great pictures while boating. If you are a morning person, you must try a walk around this beautiful lake with fresh air and fresh sun rays. even evening stroll around the lake is as charming with all the bright lights across the night sky.

Boating Price in The lake starts at INR 150 for 30 minutes.


As the name suggests Sattal is a body of 7 freshwater lakes in the lower Himalayan range. The place is near Bhimtal which is a popular town in the district of Nainital. As the pollution level has grown in the recent times, Sattal is one of the few unpolluted and unspoiled freshwater lakes in the country.

The lake has pine and Oak trees in its surroundings which makes the view of the lake even more beautiful. This place shall not disappoint you if you are an avid bird watcher, you will find a lot of migrated birds around the lake’s vicinity.

Location: Sattal is situated at a height of 1370 meter and is right below the lush green Mehragaon village.

Bhimtal Lake

It is a famous lake located in the town of Bhimtal.There is a masonry dam built here in the year 1883 which enabled a good water storage capacity. it has a catchment area of around 17.12 sq.Km which is quite large.

Bhimtal is the largest lake in the Kumaon region, which is popularly known as the lake district of India owing to the density of lakes present here. This lake provides drinking water and is also a habitat for different species of fishes available here.

Location: The lake is located in Bhimtal, a famous town in Nainital. It is more than 22 km away from Nainital. The nearest railway station from here is Kathgodam which is at a distance of 20Km from the lake.

Naina Devi Temple

The Temple Of Naina Devi Ji is situated on a hilltop. This temple was constructed in the 15th Century A.D. but got thrashed post a landslide which took place in the region. It was later rebuilt in 1842 by Moti Ram Shah with the deity of Naina Devi placed in the temple. There was another landslide in 1880 which led to the abolishment of the temple and it was reconstructed again in 1883. The present temple is spread over 1567 yards and comprises a lake which has a width of 167 yards and the depth of 93 feet. The temple is visited by a huge number of tourists every year.

Eco Cave Gardens, Nainital

Famous interconnected rocky caves, hanging gardens and the musical fountain, the Eco Garden are a set of six small caves in the shape of various animals. In the evenings, you can see the spectacle of the musical fountain with various audio video effects.

The Mall Road

The Mall Road of Nainital, which runs parallel to the Naini Lake, connecting the two ends of the hill town, is the prime shopping, food and cultural center of the wonder that is Nainital. Whether it is digging into some luscious food or shopping for the cutest local woolens that are to be found, Mall Road is your go-to for it all

Snow View Point Nainital

3 km from Nainital, Snow View offers an expansive and majestic view of the Himalayas. It also houses a quaint little local temple. You can take either the cable car, taxi or a trek up the undulating slopes.

Adventure Options Overview

There are some adventure options available also in this area. During some seasons, paragliding opportunities are available. There are some nearby short trekking routes as well.

One can trek to nearby Naina/China peak which is the highest point in this region and is not so strenuous. This point offers a marvelous 360-degree view of the entire surroundings. Tourists can also enjoy the game of golf at the Himalayan Mini Golf club.


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